Top 5 Best Speed Bag Swivels in 2018

Are you looking for a speed bag swivel with smooth movement, good durability, and fast rebound action? In this review, we reveal which speed bag swivels offer the best value and quality.

TITLE Boxing Deluxe Speed Bag Swivel Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro Swivel
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Our Pick

Best Value
TITLE Pro Swivelamazon-btn Ringside Mexican-Style Swivelamazon-btn TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro Swivel amazon-btn

Extremely durable and relatively silent, this speed bag swivel allows smooth action while it’s push-pin system makes speed bag changes a fast and easy process.

Great quality at a great price, the heavy-duty, stainless steel construction of this swivel looks very sturdy. 4 screws for mounting are included.

A good option if you prefer the chain-link speed swivel design to the U-hook. Sturdy triple-chrome plated construction, with a secure chain link mechanism.

Solid stainless steel construction. The 1-inch cylinder in the center of this swivel allows smooth rebound, but seems to affect the speed of the punching bag.

Triple chrome-plated for extra durability, with a push-pin system for easy speed bag replacement. Has three mounting holes and may not fit most speed bag platforms.

Our review Our review Our review Our review Our review
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The best performers in our review are TITLE Boxing Deluxe, Everlast Professional and the TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel. Here’s more information on choosing the right speed bag swivel, along with a detailed review for each product we chose.

Plastic can break easily. Soft metals can bend or change shape from prolonged use, affecting the motion of the speed bag and even rendering it useless. A fair portion of the force exerted on the punching bag ends up straining the swivel, so a durable material – like stainless steel – is usually the best choice. We reviewed the durability and quality of the materials used while rating our best 5 speed bag swivels.

In many speed bag reviews, you’ll find complaints about unpredictable, slow motion, or bad balance. Even though these reviews are often seen next to punching bags – the speed bag swivel is usually to blame. The best speed bag swivels are constructed in a way which allows a smooth, fast, and predictable motion, regardless of where you’re punching from.

Style & Design
There are three main types of speed bag swivels: The Ball-Hook, the Chain Link, and the U-Hook swivel – each with it’s own set of pros and cons. For example, Ball-Hook swivels are known to be noisy – but they also allow fluid motion in all directions. Additionally, all swivel styles may bring different results with different materials. A Ball-Hook made out of soft metals can cause the socket housing the ball to expand over time, eventually causing the ball to fall out and rendering the whole product useless. We examined how the swivel style works in combination with different factors reviewing our top 5 products.

TITLE Boxing Deluxe Speed Bag Swivel

Title Boxing Deluxe Pro SwivelA heavy-duty, stainless steel speed bag swivel that looks like it could lift a truck and allows good speed. Unfortunately, removing a speed bag from this swivel can take a while.

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Our #1 best speed bag swivel. It managed to dodge most issues that come with the U-hook design, while having impressive construction and allowing smoother action than many similarly priced products.

The usual issue with U-hook speed bag swivels is the size of the hook. The straps of the speed bag can to move across the length of the hook, and sending the punching bag in unpredictable directions. TITLE Boxing Deluxe, however, has a hook with a very tight fit and very little space, resulting in clean and fast action.

This speed bag swivel has an extra heavy-duty, triple chrome plated construction. It’s push-pin style makes speed bag changes take mere seconds; the pin can be taken out and put back in very easily and it’s a definite upgrade to the painful process of changing a speed bag. We found that it’s inner-ball-bearings make little noise, and result in a fluid, smooth movement.

Please keep in mind that the width of some U-hook swivels may not be compatible with some speed bag straps – especially when they have a hook as small as TITLE Boxing Deluxe. We had good results, but if you’re buying a speed bag swivel online, it may be best to compare measurements before spending any money.


Everlast Professional Speed Bag Swivel

Everlast Professional Speed Bag SwivelA durable, fast and accurate swivel. A definite upgrade to plastic Everlast swivels that are often included with their speed bag platforms.

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A huge upgrade to the standard swivel that comes with most Everlast speed bag platforms. It’s machine-crafted, heavy-duty stainless steel construction is miles above the plastic products that Everlast includes with some of their platforms.  We found that it’s ball-bearing design increases speed and accuracy, while allowing smooth action and allowing the bag to move fluidly.

On the downside, a common complaint about this speed bag swivel is it’s poor control when hit from the side; because of it’s design, the movement is only smooth when hit from the front or back. Still, this isn’t that big of a flaw, as standard speed bag workouts rarely require you to punch from all sides. Unlike with the TITLE Boxing Deluxe, removing or mounting the speed bag can be a pain. The pin takes a while to remove, and you may even need pliers or similar tools to get the job done.

Overall, we believe that this speed bag swivel offers amazing quality at a good price; the only thing that kept us from making it our #1 is the time-consuming mounting mechanism.

Comes with 4 screws for mounting.


TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel

Title Pro Speed Bag SwivelThe only chain-link swivel in our review, the TITLE Pro allows smooth speed bag action, while being fairly sturdy and durable.

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Chain link swivels have been a big thing in boxing for a while. Still, we prefer ball-hook and U-hook designs much more, mainly because they allow smoother action in all directions, and usually make less noise. Still, the TITLE Pro Speed Bag Swivel operates fairly smoothly, keeping the trajectory of the speed bag the way it should be. It’s triple-chrome plated design is very sturdy, and the whole swivel seems well-constructed.

It allows fast action and good rebound, and the chain link design allows the speed bag to move at any direction at any time. The chain link is clipped on very firmly, and some sellers claim this swivel to be near theft-proof. Unfortunately, removing or mounting the speed bag can be tedious, and it may require a pair of pliers.

Overall, this is a solid and sturdy piece of boxing equipment and a go-to if you don’t like the U-Hook design. We believe that it’s fairly priced, and has a higher quality than many similarly priced products.


Ringside Mexican-Style Swivel

Ringside Mexican Style Speed Bag SwivelAnother stainless steel swivel with excellent durability, Ringside’s Mexican-style swivel has smooth rebound, but doesn’t appear to be compatible with many speed bag stands.

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We consider stainless steel to be the best material for speed bag swivels, and it’s a shame that this one doesn’t have more going on for it. While it’s very sturdy, it’s lack of speed might leave some boxers unsatisfied.

Some users we reviewed have complained about it’s slower action, while others claim that it’s mounting holes don’t match the ones found on most speed bag platforms. Keep in mind that you may have to drill new holes to fit this speed bag swivel on your platform.

On the upside, the unique design of this swivel helps make the bag rebound smoother and more natural; the 1-inch wide cylinder placed in it’s center allows smooth rebound, but makes the arc of the speed bag wider, which is probably the reason why the buyers we’ve surveyed claim that this swivel was slow.

We consider it’s push-pin system to be just as good as the one found in TITLE Boxing Deluxe, and changing speed bags is a quick and painless process with this speed bag swivel.

Mounting screws are included with the purchase.


TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro Swivel

TITLE Boxing Platinum Pro SwivelSome product descriptions of this swivel claim that it’s “built like a German tank with the precision of a Swiss watch.” A bold claim. But is it true? 

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At a first glance, this speed bag swivel is very similar to the TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro Swivel. It uses the same sealed inner ball-bearings and a U-Bolt – which appears to be hanging slightly lower than on the Deluxe Pro. A lower bolt means that the speed bag has a wider arc – usually resulting in slower movement of the bag.

One thing that we immediately noticed is that this speed bag swivel has 3 mounting holes, instead of the standard 4. You’ll probably have to drill new holes, as most speed bag platforms come with 4-holed mount. The only good we could find in this tedious process is that it adds more stability.

Just like with the TITLE Boxing Deluxe Pro, this speed bag swivel is triple-chrome plated for extra durability, and the pin is easily removed, making speed bag changes a quick and painless process.

Overall, we consider this a quality piece of boxing equipment – but we don’t think it stands up to the competition. Everything that TITLE Platinum Pro does, many swivels do better. While it’s good enough to find a spot in our review, it’s definitely not the best option for your speed bag.

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