Top 5 Best Kids Punching Bags in 2018

In this review, we reveal which kids punching bags deliver the most fun, durability, and quality. Take a look at our top 5 punching bags for kids that every young fighter is bound to love!

Kid Kick Wavemaster Versys V.Spar.1 Youth Bobby Bully Ringside Youth Boxing Kit Velocity Children’s Pro
Kid Kick Wavemaster Punching Bag for Kidsamazon-btn

Our Pick
Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag, Black/Redamazon-btn Century Bobby Bully Body Opponent Bagamazon-btn Ringside Kids Boxing Set (2-5 Year Old)amazon-btn

Best Value
Velocity Boxing Children's Pro Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag w/ Pair of Gloves, Hand Pump, Adjustable Height 47 - 57 amazon-btn
Weight: 170lbs Weight: 40lbs Weight: 170lbs Weight: 2lbs  Weight: 50lbs
 Height: Up to 62″ Height: 51″ Height: 50″ to 55″ Height: 17″ Height: 47” to 57”

Tall and durable heavy bag, very close to professional boxing bags for adults. Features 4 height adjustments and a durable nylon shell.

Ideal for young wrestlers or MMA practice. Very versatile, and can serve as both a punching bag and a grappling dummy.

Emulates a live opponent, allowing your child to practice precision and coordination. Durable, stable, and fun to use. Height is adjustable.

Very light and ideal for children ages 2 – 5. A pair of kids boxing gloves and a headguard are included with the bag. Multiple color options.

Best used for coordination and timing practice. Not as durable as some other options, but very reasonably priced. Pair of boxing gloves is included.

Our review Our review Our review Our review Our review
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The best performers in our review are Kid Kick Wavemaster, Century Youth Versys and the Bobby Bully. Here’s more information on choosing the best kids punching bag, along with a detailed review for each product we chose.

2018 update:After re-reviewing some of the most popular kids punching bags on the market, we’ve decided to replace our previous #4 choice with the Ringside Youth kit.

Children tend to be extremely active. While any punching bag can be great outlet to keep your kids busy, it needs to be made of quality, durable materials in order to stand up heavy use. We reviewed the overall construction, stability, and the quality of the bag itself while rating our top 5 models.

Children tend to grow fast – clothes you feel like you bought yesterday already don’t seem to fit. The same goes for boxing equipment. As your child becomes taller, the height of the bag might suddenly not fit them anymore. As kids gain weight, their punches gain power, and the bag will offer less resistance, and will topple over more easily if it’s a free standing punching bag. While rating our top 5 bags, we researched adjustability to different sizes and their overall long-term usefulness for growing children.

Will a punching bag for kids help them improve their strength, agility, or coordination – or is it just a toy? We put an emphasis on equipment that’s fun to use, but is still intended for training and improvement. If you have very young children, and are just looking for a simple way to keep them busy, we strongly suggest that you consider an inflatable toy like the Bozo Punching Bag over some of the serious equipment from this review.

Kid Kick Wavemaster

The Kid Kick Wavemaster is our favourite punching bag for kids on the market. It can be adjusted up to an impressive height of 62″, while the soft body is wide enough for easy kicking and punching.Kid Kick Wavemaster Kids Punching Bag

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The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the Kid Kick Wavemaster is that it’s basically a child-friendly version of the The Original Wavemaster. It is, in fact manufactured by the same company, and we found that it comes with all the quality of many punching bags for adults and professionals.

It has a total of 4 height adjustments – more than most bags we’ve come across. The size can easily be adjusted to accommodate kicking or punching practice, and allows children to use it as they grow in size and strength. Additionally, this freestanding bag comes with a limited 1 year warranty.

The maximum height of the Kid Kick Wavemaster is 5’2″, which makes it taller than most kids punching bags we’ve come across. The empty plastic base can be filled with water or sand, and it’s around 170lbs heavy when filled – which should be plenty for children – but be advised that a strong punch from an adult may topple this bag over. If your child is a young adult that’s particularly large for their age, we suggest you to go with The similarly priced Original Wavemaster, or the Wavemaster XXL instead.

The high impact foam surface appears to be soft and smooth, covered with durable nylon – something that we didn’t see in some professional equipment, let alone in bags for children. It’s very easy to store and move around, as you can simply topple it and use the base to roll it around. Still, your child may need plenty of space in order to be able to throw punches and kicks, so consider it’s placement appropriately.

As for the price, we found it to be slightly more expensive than some kids punching bags, but this is justified. The Kid Kick Wavemaster a genuine piece of boxing equipment, intended for young martial artists that are serious about their sport. If you’re just looking for a casual way to keep your child occupied and entertained, we suggest that you consider a more affordable option.

Century Versys V.Spar.1 Youth

A versatile and quality tool for young martial artists, especially wrestlers. The grip handles allow easy grappling and takedown practice, while the rebound of this bag helps improve reflexes and coordination. Kids Punching Bag Century Versys Youth

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Versys V.Spar.1 Youth is the child friendly version of a free standing punching bag we wrote about in a previous review – the Century Versys Freestanding Bag. In terms of quality and versatility, we consider this heavy bag to be on par with it’s adult version, the only main difference being the size.

We found this kids punching bag to be a great tool for almost any type of martial arts – but it’s style is especially suitable for young wrestlers. The grip handles allow easy ground-and-pound action, while the body of the bag is small enough to allow a child to pick it up, toss it around, or practice takedowns. Still, the bag’s surface is large enough to allow most kids to practice kicking and punching comfortably. The base of the bag is pre-filled, and weighs around 40lbs. While much lighter than most punching bags (even those for kids), the Century Youth Versys was intentionally made to rebound when punched or kicked, ensuring a dynamic workout. When pushed, it will topple over, allowing your child to switch to ground practice.

Century Youth Versys is 51 inches tall – a perfect punching bag for kids, but possibly not ideal for taller young adults. If you consider it to be too small, we strongly recommend the adult alternative – The Century Versys – which is 60 inches tall, and weighs approximately 70lbs more.

Compared to other kids punching bags, the Century Youth V. Spar offers more versatility than most competitors, while the “back-and-forth” action provides a great way to improve your young athletes’ coordination and development.

Bobby Bully

Designed to simulate an actual opponent, the Bobby Bully boxing dummy offers a realistic sparring session and a great source of entertainment for your children.Kids Punching Bag Bobby Bully

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When it comes to how much fun you can get out of a punching bag, Bobby Bully is our personal favorite. The distinct facial and body features on this boxing dummy provide excellent targets for precision and coordination training. Like the previous two bags, Bobby Bully is also a smaller version of a professional boxing bag – in this case, the BOB punching bag.

The Bobby Bully has two height adjustments; from 50″ to 55″, allowing your child to practice on opponents of different sizes. The bag’s plastic base can be filled with either sand or water. It weighs around 170lbs when filled, which should offer enough stability and keep the boxing dummy in place during practice. Comparison wise, the adult version of Bobby Bully is 270lbs heavy – not a bit difference, and we found it fares well against grown adults. Just like the Kid Kick, you can easily store or move the Bobby Bully by rolling it around on it’s base. We found it’s surface to be slightly more forgiving than the one on B.O.B. while still having a somewhat realistic feel when punched.

The whole dummy seems to be well-constructed and stable, and the skin-emulating shell appears very resilient and durable. While some sellers of this product stated that it can be used with or without gloves, we still advise that your child uses a pair of kids boxing gloves for extra safety.

Ringside Youth Kids Boxing Kit

A quality, reasonably priced way to keep your child fit and occupied. Because of it’s light weight, we found it to be suitable for very small children, ideally ages 2 – 5.Ringside Youth Kids Punching Bag Set

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A much smaller, much more lightweight version of the traditional hanging heavy bag, the Ringside Youth kids’ punching bag is only 2lbs heavy and around 17″ long. While this is way too small to offer any sort of resistance to an older child, we still consider it a good punching bag for kids between 2 and 5. If you have a child that’s far too small to use an actual heavy bag, this is a good introduction to the sport and a great past time for both boys and girls.

This kit comes with everything your little boxer may need to have fun and let out some energy. A pair of youth boxing gloves and headgear are included with the punching bag. All three can usually be found in multiple matching colours – including a pink set for little girls.

If you’re looking for an affordable, quality set of boxing equipment for a child under the age of 6, we highly recommend Ringside’s Yough Kids Boxing Kit. While your child will outgrow it quickly, it’s still a very fun product with a good price – with an included set of boxing gloves to boot.

Velocity Boxing Children’s Pro

Velocity Kids Punching BagA good, tool to improve your child’s speed and coordination – but it’s not as useful for strength training. The bag can be fine-tuned from a height of 47″ to 57″, making it a good fit for most kids.

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The pole of this kids punching bag is mounted on a flexible spring. When punched, the bag will quickly rebound, allowing your child to improve their reflexes, timing, and agility. Unfortunately, the bag itself is inflatable – making it possibly the least resilient option in this review. Still, we consider it’s price to be fairly modest, and many users we reviewed claim that it’s tough enough to endure prolonged use.

This kids punching bag comes with a set of 10″ gloves, and a hand pump with a needle.

The height can be adjusted from 47″ to 57″, and can be fine-tuned to fit your child’s height perfectly. The plastic base has a diameter of 16’5″ allowing an easy approach to the bag itself. When filled with sand or water, the base weighs around 50lbs – which should be enough when you consider that a reflex bag isn’t meant for power punching, but rather for speed and hand-eye coordination.

This product arrives disassembled, and needs to be put together before your child can use it. Thankfully, the instructions are fairly clear, and all necessary parts are included.

Overall, the biggest downside to this product is the fact that this punching area is inflatable. While still being durable, it simply doesn’t stand up to punching bags like the Kid Kick or the Bobby Bully. On the other side, we believe that it’s reasonably priced, comes with a set of well-sized gloves, and offers a unique way of exercise that many other punching bags for kids don’t.

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